The Thrive Programme

This program of sessions is called “The Thrive Programme”. It’s a six session training program that will help you to recognise limiting or damaging belief systems and change them for good. In fact some simpler problems may require less than six sessions.

So what is a “Limiting Belief System”? Well its a set of beliefs that can have an Thrive Programmeincredibly negative or damaging effect on your life – causing you to suffer – for example – relationship problems, ill health, phobias fears and anxieties, and even mental and physical illnesses. This Thrive Programme has helped people with problems such as clinical depression, M.E., post viral fatigue syndrome, obsessions, low self-esteem, phobias and thousands of people who needed help to stop smoking. It is also excellent for those people who maybe are unable to take on therapy – maybe they are not well enough, unwilling, or possibly just don’t have the necessary time where time is an important issue (such as just before a holiday). Its for those people who are desperate to get control back in their life but for some reason would not get through Analytical Therapy.

The important thing is that people who undergo this training program are referred to as either “TRAINEES” or “STUDENTS” but definitely not “CLIENTS”. That is because this is not therapy – it is a TRAINING PROGRAM.

Overview of The Thrive Programme

The following is a schedule for the 6 Sessions but as mentioned some presenting issues are able to be resolved in less than 6 sessions…

Session 1 (60 mins approx) – Introduction to the Rob Kelly Method. This is where we will discuss the agreement that we will have to undertake this course of sessions, discuss the medical illness and the physiological effects. We will also discuss personality types and the way the mind develops though childhood and its psychological development.

Session 2 (60 mins approx) – The Mind/Body Connection – recap from Session 1 and discussion of different types of anxiety and suggestion and suggestability.

Session 3 (90 mins approx) – Mind and Body Connection continues. Following a recap of Session 2 we will look at bself-talk, the effects of suggestion and importantly the effects of negative suggestion and beliefs. We will then look at suggestion therapy and the retraining. This will then be followed by a Suggestion Therapy Session under Hypnosis specific to YOU !!!

Session 4 – Following the recap and feedback from Session 3 there will be discussion on powerlessness, limiting beliefs etc followed by another Suggestion Therapy Hypnosis Session.

Session 5 – Introduction to the Thrive Programme – Here you will be taught and demonstrated the Thrive Programme – you will then undertake this method yourself.

Session 6 – The Thrive Programme – Questions and Recap from Session 5 and then adaption and enhancement of YOUR Thrive Programme.

Thrive Programme

The training program, Rob Kelly Thrive Programme, is a multi-faceted approach to training people to completely change their limiting beliefs – empowering them to take back control of their life.

Symptoms that ‘The Thrive Programme’ will help with.

This is a technique that can significantly help people with

  • ME
  • Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome
  • Anorexia
  • Fibromyalgia
  • OCD
  • Smoking
  • Depression
  • Phobias like fear of height, spiders, driving, doctors, etc.
  • Social Anxiety
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Glass Ceilings
  • Sports Enhancement
  • Performance Anxiety

…and just about ANY other disorder or symptom where limiting beliefs play a part. So are you ready to get CONTROL back into your life? If you are then call…

“Hey Danny; having come to you 3 sessions ago feeling very low in my self-confidence and constantly worried, I can now say that I now feel happy as me.  As I continue to apply your techniques and work through the handbook I feel more and more confident in realising these positive changes as permanent ones.  Thank you!”

Susan Parr
Bath University Student

“Hi Danny, my 3 sessions with you have I think been a really worthwhile experience.  When I first came to you I had got myself into a cycle of constantly worrying, analysing situations negatively, and feeling uncomfortable in my own skin and awkward.  Everything seemed a worry and I think there were a multitude of things, which through your sessions I have come to realise, are totally unnecessary to worry about.  Since our first session and working through the handbook I have felt much more confident to relax in myself and reprocess the way I see things; instead of obsessing about the way I think other people may be judging me.  The second and third sessions have really concreted this.  I feel like me; much more at peace and happy with me, which is wonderful!  Not only that, but I also feel that I have the understanding to keep applying my new found learning and your techniques for all future situations.  This has been a much more than a quick fix, and so for that I want to say thanks!”