Client Testimonials

“Dont know what to say except thank you thank you for giving me back control of my own life.I have spent fiffteen years trying to find an answer to my questions,have made some friends in the mental health system but no answers.Hypnotherapy i decided was my last go at getting my life back if this did not work i would have to accept i would live my life in confusion and continue to feel very alone not a future to look forward to in my eyes especialy with four children to raise.The decison made i went to see daniel and my life was about to change far more than i could have wished for.

I had expected twelve sessions but six sessions later and WOW root cause found and delt with unbelievable after fiffteen years in therapy and my whole life spent in turmoil.I feel like i have been relesed from an internal prison ,my mind can think in a straight line i can finally forgive,make my own desisions and stick to them,and as each day goes by i feel abit like a normal person,and my husband loves the new me.No more tears temper tantrums hateing myself feeling worthless or wanting to go to sleep and not wake up.Please i know this all sounds a bit dramatic but that was my life,but not now. If you are at a place and dont know what to do give this a try you wont be sorry,having Analytical therapy was better than winning the lottery! and once again thank you daniel,god bless you and have good health and a long and happy life……..”

Tash (Natasha), November 2006

Stopping Smoking

“Hi Danny,

Firstly, I must apologise for not emailing you sooner, it’s been nearly 7 weeks since I met with you for hypnosis to stop me smoking.

Great news and no surprise, I’ve not had a cigarette since! I’m so happy and honestly can’t believe how easy it’s been. My family are really pleased and my bank balance looks pretty good too! In fact my husband and I are very much looking forward to the holiday we booked with the money we worked out we can now save.

After the session and leaving a “Non Smoker” I honestly thought I would need a little wheel power to remain a non smoker but this hasn’t been the case, No wheel power needed, I’ve not had a craving for a cigarette, it’s been so easy I feel like I’ve cheated massively in some way but not complaining! It feels like 7 years not 7 weeks I’ve been a non smoker, just amazing.

I’ve raved about the experience to colleagues, friends and family and will continue to direct people to your website.

I can’t thank you enough.

Best wishes


Changing Limiting Beliefs

“Hay Danny; having come to you 3 sessions ago feeling very low in my self-confidence and constantly worried, I can now say that I now feel happy as me.  As I continue to apply your techniques and work through the handbook I feel more and more confident in realising these positive changes as permanent ones.  Thank you!”

Susan Parr
*Bath University Student

Giving up smoking

“Having had the hypnotherapy treatment from Danny Nuttall thirteen weeks ago and all I can say is what an extraordinary difference he has made to my life. The therapy is very relaxing and positive however the result is one that I never thought I’d achieve so easily. I am now a non-smoker who cannot believe I smoked for so long whilst wanting to give up. I feel brighter, fitter, healthier and free of the burden. I would definitely recommend Danny’s treatment to anyone even considering stopping for good.”


Non smoker spices up their life!

“Thanks to help from Danny, I have not smoked for 9 days, 3 hours. I recently returned from a trip to Morocco and despite what I said, I didn’t fully sense the scents of spices and subtleties of traditional cooking. I had long since stopped smelling the perfume I use daily and of expensive soaps. I can only imagine what else escaped my notice. As I prepared my supper this evening, I was overwhelmed by the burst in my nostrils when I sliced a red pepper. I can’t wait to eat it.”

Deep reccomendation


Well, I don’t know where to start. Was a bit sceptical about it at first but I thought that I’ve tried everything else so why not try this. The whole idea of hypnotherapy made me think that I would all of a sudden cackle as a chicken when he snaps his finger as you see on tv! And that I was going to be completely unaware of what was happening.

I found that out that it was very comfortable, I was very aware of what I did and that I was in control and could stop any time I wanted too.

It made me feel very relaxed the day and week after the session. I was chocked to find out what I thought was the reason for my panic was not at all what I thought it was. The whole process was difficult because I was facing my fears but I wasn’t doing it alone and that made it much easier to confront and I would deeply recommend it to anyone who wish to grow as a person or treat the problem itself rather than just the symptons cause the latter will always be different and changing each time.

Thank you very much, Danny Nuttal for helping me understand.



“Hi Danny

Last email on my conscience today and then I can have a glass of wine …

I’d describe it as a quiet relief than life-changing, although it is really. I’m less anxious generally, and I no longer seem too be bothered by what other people might think. Phoning people has become a surprisingly easy thing to do. (And that is still taking me by surprise!) Thank you for making me stick with the therapy.

Best wishes”


Changing Limiting Beliefs

“Hi Danny, my 3 sessions with you have I think been a really worthwhile experience.  When I first came to you I had got myself into a cycle of constantly worrying, analysing situations negatively, and feeling uncomfortable in my own skin and awkward.  Everything seemed a worry and I think there were a multitude of things, which through your sessions I have come to realise, are totally unnecessary to worry about.  Since our first session and working through the handbook I have felt much more confident to relax in myself and reprocess the way I see things; instead of obsessing about the way I think other people may be judging me.  The second and third sessions have really concreted this.  I feel like me; much more at peace and happy with me, which is wonderful!  Not only that, but I also feel that I have the understanding to keep applying my new found learning and your techniques for all future situations.  This has been a much more than a quick fix, and so for that I want to say thanks!”


Going through therapy changed my life

“It is now one week and one hour since I left my final session with Danny. Over the eight or nine sessions, Danny has safely guided me through: ‘an experience of a life time’ or more accurately, the significant, formative experiences of my life. Some of these I remembered with varying degrees of accuracy, others not at all.

Whilst the process of hypnosis was something I looked forward to, the same cannot always be said of what emerged during the latter. What I learned to look forward to were the affects of the sessions. From the onset, my confidence and inner calm has continued to grow, I have achieved things I thought to be beyond me and whilst there is much more to do, I look to the future now and the hope and faith I have in myself is increasing.

My final session with Danny, one week, one hour and fifteen minutes ago was ‘smoking cessation’. I had given up giving up, as willpower, pregnancy, patches, several visits to Alan Carr, hypnostop (recurring) left me still smoking 40/day. I enjoy(ed) smoking, I could afford it and I have a self-destructive tendency. Despite my scientific background, health risks seemed to pass me by. Note the past tense. I have friends who are now non-smokers and have read of people who say that : ‘it was as if I had never smoked’. I cannot say that but what I CAN say is that I am thrilled that I have come so far. The cigarette monster inside me, only fifteen years younger than my sixty, causes me trouble. That is my fault. I have indulged it and spoiled it rotten since its infancy. I have come to realise that the relationship we have shared has been parasitic rather than symbiotic. When it yammers at me, I let it. What I WON’T do is feed it any more. If I did, it would just want more and more and more. I have already fed it over 440,000 treats in my/its life time at HUGE expense. Now it is my turn. Thank you Danny for bringing me to this point.”

“You may not remember me but I was the sceptic who, along with my wife met you for an hour at 1pm on the 19th Jan this year. I was a smoker for 35 years and my wife for 27.

Today is the 25th of September and we haven’t smoked since that meeting! Must admit to still wanting one but can’t! You must have done something – we both feel so much better and to date have saved £2016.90 !!!!!

I owe you a beer”

Tim and Val

“Hi Danny

just a thank you for enabling me to finally get rid of the anxiety I have been carrying around with me for years. To say it is a liberating experience would not be over estimating just how good I am presently feeling. I will be recommending both you as a therapist and hypnotherpy as a treatment to friends and family as I can honestly say it really works. Good luck with all your future work and again THANK YOU. “


Hi Danny

Thank you so much for the sessions. You said that my life would change, and it really will. It’s only been a week and I already feel a difference. I’m definitely not so negative about myself and I don’t find it daunting any more when I think about my future. I completely understand now why I felt the way I did. All I need now is a bit of time. 🙂

Thanks again


“Before I went to see Danny, my life was very different. I found it hard to get through any normal kind of life. I found it hard not to obsess over things that had gone horribly wrong over the previous few years. It drove me to feeling down depressed and generally unmotivated this in turn was a vicious circle of thoughts and memories. I’d been down the NHS route and was given a high dose of anti-depressants, which I was to become dependent on over time. After finding Danny we tried Hypno-analysis, with which we had some limited success. After a couple of months the progressed slowed and we had to re-evaluate the situation. One session after this point and everything now is different.

The technique is fantastic its changed my life, I see things in a new light. I no longer need anti-depressants I’m much more positive, I don’t obsess over anything any more. Pretty much everyone around me has seen the change in me for the better. I get to work these days, I’m rarely late, I eat, and I’m productive. Things which before I failed at while suffering at my lowest points. I truly think this should be the first port of call for anyone suffering with similar symptoms to my self.”

A ‘Changing Limiting Beliefs’ client

“Dear Danny I have been meaning to drop you an email for ages ( can you hypnotise for procrastination???)

I came to see you for pure hypnoanalysis at the end of last year & it has made my life unbelievably easier! I have never blushed (uncontrollably) since & I don’t ever fear I will – so I no longer stress about public speaking, being centre of attention etc, I have no worries I will go red for no reason, so do not dread certain situations anymore.

The whole experience was incredibly fascinating & strange, I have no idea how it works, but I have definitely come out of it a stronger and more confident person.

Nice one…you are magic…thanks a million!!!”

Maud from Bath

“I had known for a while that something wasn’t quite right, and that my confidence and anxiety issues were holding me back. I had been intrigued by hypnotherapy but wasn’t completely sure if it was right for me. Danny very kindly offered me a free consultation where he explained the whole process clearly, and it helped me make up my mind that this was the right course of action for me to take. I am very glad that I did! Thanks to Danny’s therapy I have faced up to a lot of issues that I didn’t even realise were holding me back, and even after only a few days after finishing the therapy I can feel a real change. Throughout Danny was supportive, kind and understanding.

Thanks once again Danny


“When I first wrote an email to danny i was pretty sceptical about it all this hypnotherpy nonsense but i was at the end of my tether after suffering from depression and anxiety for many years , after trying countless anti depresants, reflexology, accupunture, counselling, I thought i might as well give this a go,When i first met Danny he talked me through everything so i knew exactly what to expect which put me at ease striaght away ,Dont be put off going thinking there is going to be some strange man with candles in a dark room smelling of jostick danny is very normal in a nice way,Ive just finished my therapy and i feel so much better , i feel like a big weight has been lifted , am so glad i got the courage to go to see danny as i can now look to the future again,  He is my hero    thanks again Danny


Dear Danny,

I don’t really know where to start. I feel like a completely new me; fundamentally the same but just a million times better.

I feel more confident in general. Work, appearance, relationships, sex!! Everything in my life is just more enjoyable and no longer a chore.

I never knew what my worries and anxieties where about. They manifested themselves in many forms over the last 15 or so years. Anorexia, bulimia, depression, chronic constipation, excessive exercising, the boring list could go on. The main thing was I never felt happy and like there was something niggling away at me stopping me from enjoying life and getting on.

Frustrated at going to see doctors and counsellors, who would try to get to the cause of my depression and illness but never succeeding, I looked to hypnotherapy as a last resort. I really felt like I couldn’t carry on much longer with my feelings and symptoms.

It has obviously not been easy at times as I have confronted issues that I had hidden away and they had been festering for a long time. When I think about things that used to cause me anxiety, I no longer get the same feelings and I am amazed and relieved to finally be free from the negative thoughts that dominated my head.

Areas in my life that I knew I had issues with but didn’t necessarily come to see you to address have also improved or have been completely resolved. Sex, the lack of it and my inability to feel comfortable with my partner of 10 years was something I felt guilty about on a daily basis. Who would have thought that after 3 weeks of coming to see you that my love life would return, completely out of the blue. For this alone I am truly delighted. I feel sexy, confident and like I deserve to enjoy myself!

I can’t believe that 7 weeks later, I am feeling the way I do. Every week I have felt better and more confident within myself. If feel like I am living in a dream at the minute as in all honesty I cannot remember ever feeling like this! I am eternally grateful to you and your practice and feel like I want everyone to know how great I’m feeling.

I also feel very emotional and overwhelmed by this whole experience and cannot recommend yourself and Pure Hynoanalysis enough to anyone feeling a similar way.

Thank you once again, this experience has changed my life and I am forever grateful.”

Madeleine S

“I shudder to think of the countless years I spent wrapped up in a blanket of anxiety; a blanket which became heavier and heavier as time progressed.  There were a million things which I blamed for the mental torture I endured since my earliest memories of childhood.  Anxiety was running my life and I had no idea why it was!  My analysis of the ‘million things’ never seemed to give me the peace which I desperately sought.  At the age of 37 and having experienced many types of treatments in an attempt to rid myself of the anxiety, I finally turned to hypnosis.  There were times when I believed it just couldn’t work and then the times came when the ‘million things’ began to disintegrate.  The expertise of Danny enabled me to trust him, which in turn, enabled me to be guided by him in reducing the dense anxious layers I had built up over time to hide something I did not want to deal with.  Through the process of hypnosis, the root of my misery, which had nothing to do with the ‘million things’ was finally there for me to see and for me and Danny to deal with.  I felt distress but the overwhelming emotion was that of relief.  I no longer had to torture myself to run from the truth.

I have written this three months after my last appointment with Danny.  Today, the heaviness of the ‘anxious blanket’ has gone.  For the first time since childhood, I am free to live my life with the knowledge that my self-protection and self-worth will never again include the destructive emotion of debilitating anxiety.

A million thanks to you Danny for showing me the way to peace – you were right when you said  ‘I can now get on with my life!’

Catherine W

“Dear Danny

hope you are well. I wanted to express my gratitude to you for helping me to finally uncover the cause of all my guilt. I can see now that prior to my appointment with you I was trying to convince myself I didn’t need to revisit the sexual issues, but thank god you had the skill and experience to recognise that I needed to have another look at things and you were able to gently draw it out of me – I was not expecting to do any analysis that day, but I’m so glad we did and I’m really proud of myself for at last finding the courage to face my dreaded secret. And its the first time I’ve ever been able to let go and cry in therapy. It was an enormous relief to be able to get in touch with such powerful and real feelings for my dad, feelings I have never ever before experienced, and to not feel ashamed of expressing them in front of you was very liberating.

I’ve had lots of tears since the session and even though my dad died 18 years ago this is the first time I’ve really been able to grieve him properly as I never dared allow myself to feel anything for him before, he was so out of bounds to me.

Anyway thanks again Danny for your help, you were absolutely spot on the way you helped me and I’ll be in touch sometime to let you know how things are going,

All the very best to you,


“Hi Daniel

Well today is two weeks since i came to see you, at first as you know i was unsure about your profession and if it works or not.

I normally analyse things what people say and looking back to the comments and chat we had prior to the hypnosis how right you were.

The only day i would actually say was a concern because i was looking for my cigarettes was the day i saw you, the next morning and ever since i have not thought about it and not wanted a cigarette, i have sat with friends smoking and it doesn’t effect me, my mind says “i don’t smoke”, and yes i am happier, healthier and have the lust for fitness (only small stuff certainly not a gym queen),  which is good and i have lost nearly a stone in the same two weeks by simply doing things and eating things which is better for me. My breathing is second to none and i wish i had done this years ago.

Well as i have stated its been 2 weeks today and i recommend anyone wanting to give up smoking to visit Daniel, don’t waist your time on other sources, just visit Daniel and you too will be amazed when you get your life back because believe me as a 41 year old and a 20-30 a day smoker for 26 years you are seriously living a restricted life style and be honest with yourself that needs to change.

Thank you Daniel”

Kind Regards

Andy Lister
Prosec Consultancy Ltd

Hypno-band Weight Loss Testimonial

“Having tried every diet in the book – some successfully, some not, I first read about the hypno band whilst in Spain. Back home, I read up about it and I had a good feeling that this was the solution I was looking for. I had contemplated actually having a gastric band but could neither afford it nor did I relish the idea of surgery with all the complications that can go with it.

At my initial consultation, Danny explained the whole theory of hypnotherapy to me and discussed with me the reasons why I over ate (and over drank I have to say). From the minute I left his consulting room, I knew this was going to work and couldn’t wait to get started.

The following week I returned and began the hypno band process. Contrary to popular belief, I was not running round the room, clucking like a chicken! What I did experience was a truly wonderful sense of relaxation, yet being totally aware of all that was going on around me.

My next session took me through preparation for my ‘surgery’ – I was even able to choose my surgeon (with very interesting results I have to say). Again, the session was deeply relaxing and totally prepared me for what was to come.

Now that I have had my ‘surgery’, I am 100% convinced I have a gastric band. I can clearly remember the whole process, from check-in through to being discharged – all without any pain!

I no longer think about snacking – I just don’t do it. I eat smaller portions of food, on smaller plates and I do this automatically, without even thinking about it (which has amazed me). It is now just a normal part of my life. As far as I’m concerned, I no longer have a weight problem – I am in total control of my weight.

However, it is not all about the weight loss. I cannot believe the positive impact hypnotherapy has had on my life – I am a completely different person to the one who first walked into Danny’s consulting room. I am so much happier and confident and my self esteem is sky high – I feel I’m on a permanent high, I just can’t stop smiling! The weight loss is an added bonus!

Before I had my “surgery”, I had lost just under 1 stone in weight and I continue to steadily lose. I listen to the recordings Danny made for me every day as it gives me a truly wonderful feeling of relaxation, happiness and contentment – I never want this feeling to end.

I can’t thank Danny enough for all the help and support he has given me. He tells me I should take the credit for it and I do – I am very proud of what I have achieved so far but I know that without him, I would be still be that unhappy, unconfident person with no self-esteem, desperately seeking a solution to my weight problem.

Hypnotherapy is such an incredibly wonderful experience, I would encourage anyone to give it a go. You have nothing to lose (except weight) and so much to gain.”

September 2010

Thrive Programme

“My sessions with Danny helped me to believe something fundamentally important – that I am in control of the way I feel. He helped me realise that my perspective on life – the way that I chose to perceive it – was not helping me in any way. I now feel empowered and ready to take on life’s challenges. Danny is very easy going and personable and I found it easy to discuss my life with him. The best way to explain my sessions with Danny is via the use of a metaphor: Danny will show you the doorway towards taking more control over your feelings and, ultimately, your life. You will then need to walk through it.”


Thrive Programme

When I first contacted Danny I felt anxious and out of control of my life. I thought there was some kind of hypnotherapy he could use to change my life and make everything better. Going through THRIVE with Danny I realized that I am the one in control of my actions and thoughts and therefore how I feel. I now know that I am in control and now I have learned techniques which I can can continue to use. I will continue to study the techniques I have learned in THRIVE and keep studying the book, I know that the difference this course has made to my life will only grow from here. Can not thank you enough Danny!

Tara Cogs
Thrive Programme for Emetophobia

After thirty years and numerous therapists of different types I had rather given up hope of overcoming the Emetaphobia which had dominated my life for so long. I found Danny and the Thrive Programme when I decided to have one last try…..and I am glad I did. The approach is totally different to any other I have tried ( and I have tried a lot)! The Thrive Programme was completely different because instead of just changing thinking you are first shown how to change the core belief systems. I also liked that it is so positive and forward looking rather than focused on finding causes. I would not have been able to do the programme without Danny whose mixture of humour and knowledge made the process enjoyable as well as highly successful.

Thank you