Over many years hypnotherapists have used varying techniques to help clients with their weight loss problems. Some of these techniques are very effective in securing small amounts of weight loss over short periods of time. The big problem has always been to help those clients who desire to lose large amounts of weight and keep it off. We as competent hypnotherapists know that unless a client is truly committed to changing eating behaviours they are unlikely to achieve their goals. In order to maximise results we at Bath&West Hypnotherapy felt that hypnotherapy needed to break new ground in the weight loss area. The principle of hypnotic gastric band surgery is not new and indeed has been in use for some time. I felt that an integrated system utilising current weight loss theory and a different approach to virtual gastric band surgery was required. After extensive research and subsequent trials with clients we believe HypnoBand system is an easily used, simple system which clients can follow in order to maximise results.

Being over-weight

There are many reasons why people become over-weight. Physiological reasons aside, the main reason why people are over-weight is simply over-eating and lack of exercise. Most non-physiological reasons for over-eating are emotional and psychological. Some people eat to alleviate stress and some to find comfort or love. Many people when questioned say they eat to combat boredom. Whatever the clients reasons for over-eating it is a simple fact that if they ate less and less often they would lose weight. With the HypnoBand system we give the client the tools to change eating habits and live a healthier and happier lifestyle. In order to do this it is not enough to treat the symptoms, it is necessary to find the root cause for the client’s excessive eating habits and deal with them. To this end we have combined our changing limiting belief techniques with the hypnotic gastric band procedures to create the integrated HypnoBand Weight Loss System.

What is the HypnoBand system?

The HypnoBand system is a hypnotherapy system designed to enable weight loss in the clinically obese specifically those with a high Body Mass Index (BMI).

Who is it designed for?

They HypnoBand system is designed for those clients who fall into the “Obese” range, which is clients with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or more. The system has also been successfully used with clients who have a lower BMI i.e.  >25 . This is at the discretion of the practitioner.

The HypnoBand can be used with clients of ages 16 years upwards. It is not recommended to use the system below 16 years old as children tend to have a different set of emotional issues relating to food and over-eating.

How does it work?

The HypnoBand is a combination of suggestion, visualisation , cognitive behavioural therapy techniques, and large doses of common sense. which combined help the client to make behavioural changes that make sustained weight loss possible. By using the “Virtual Gastric Band” we convince the client that they have undergone gastric band surgery thereby enabling them to eat smaller portions and have their hunger satisfied earlier. The “gastric band” part of the process is a mechanism that helps the client believe their stomach is smaller with less capacity for food.

What are the steps involved?

The HypnoBand system is used over a series of client sessions. The system is designed to work over four sessions plus an initial intake session, but this can be flexible dependent on the client’s needs. In the initial intake session an assessment is carried out to ascertain client suitability for the HypnoBand system. The HypnoBand system is explained to the client. A medical history is taken and a client intake form completed and signed by the client. It is emphasised to the client that they must be fully committed to making significant lifestyle changes in order to be successful. The HypnoBand is not a “Magic Bullet” that will miraculously make them thin!  No weight loss method will be effective unless the client understands that this is not something we “do to them” but rather they must be prepared to change not only the way they eat but the way they think about eating.

In Session One the client is taken through a “Changing Behaviour” form which highlights erroneous thoughts and behaviours and seeks to correct them. These alternative behaviours are incorporated into the first hypnotherapy sessions. The client is provided with a cd or mp3 to reinforce the work already done in session one. This should be used a minimum of four times before session two. The client is also given “homework” tasks which help to highlight the “emotional thoughts” associated with eating behaviours.

In Session Two, the client is given reinforcement to build on the previous session.. It is at this point we introduce the client to the HypnoBand virtual gastric band system. The client is taken through a consultation with the surgeon where gastric band surgery is described in detail. The client is asked to respond to the types of questions a surgeon and anaesthetist would ask and is prepared for the next appointment which is the “actual” surgery procedure. At this point the client is advised not to eat for 12 hours prior to the third session.

In the Session Three the client is taken through the gastric band surgery, experiencing all aspects of the procedure from pre-med to recovery. The system utilises sound effects to enhance the experience for the client. This is a very important part of the system and must be carried out precisely. On completion the clients is advised that they may experience some tightness in the stomach area and that the gastric band will need to be checked and adjusted in the following session. Session three includes advice and information on subsequent behaviour and eating habits, just as would happen after “real” surgery. The client is provided with the second cd or mp3 which reinforces the idea that surgery has taken place and that the stomach is now so much smaller that less food will be required to give the sensation of being full.

Session four is a further reinforcement session combined with the procedure to adjust the HypnoBand.  This session should take place 4 to 6 weeks after session 3 but again, this is flexible. The adjustment is carried out by describing a simple procedure and the band is either loosened or tightened depending on the client’s progress so far. If the client reports that they can eat so little that they become light headed the suggestion is given that the band has been loosened slightly and that this will solve the problem. On the other hand if the client reports they are still eating too much at one sitting the band can be tightened. If the client is satisfied that the procedure has worked effectively simple reinforcement is carried out. The session is brought to a close with further reinforcement and suggestion for healthy eating and lifestyle. The client is advised that no further sessions should be needed and that they should continue to use the reinforcement cd or mp3 previously provided.

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Diary of a HypnoBand Client

To eat cake, or not? That is the question.

My name is Kate. I’m a typical 36 year old, married, two children under the age of 5 years. Like many women I am one who’s body didn’t just bounce back after giving birth and am sorry to say I have been carrying an extra two stones of baby weight around ever since the second birth two years ago. I realise that I will never be as taut or look the same again but what I do want is to be healthy, look good and feel confident.

I reached the decision that I had to do something. I realise it was the end of November and the festivities of December would be around the corner, but did I really want to leave it and gain another half a stone over Xmas. Absolutely not! In the past I have tried many diets but this time I don’t just want to lose the weight I want to retrain my mind to stop eating when I feel stressed, anxious bored or just plain greedy.

This is when I discovered a local experienced hypnotherapist, Danny Nuttal who is a licensed practioner for the Hypnoband weight loss system. Bearing in mind I don’t think I could afford or want to go through the actual surgery, it appears that I can have similar result using this method.

I thought I would strike whilst the iron was hot and made the call to arrange a free consultation to discuss if this would be appropriate for me. This alone made me feel that Danny was not just in to make money but wanted to know that I was ready and committed for the coming weeks.

I was greeted at his office in Gay Street and he immediately made me feel at ease. We had a chat about my motivation, my reasons for the hypnoband technique particularly and what would happen over four sessions. This isn’t a quick fix gimmick it has to be something that you really want to do. I asked myself, could be the permanent answer for weight loss? As we all know none of us are made of money in this current climate so I had to be sure. I can honestly say I felt comfortable and under no pressure to rush into anything. But I did feel I had all the detailed information I needed to make an informed decision. BUT..  As Danny said “You have to commit yourself to the programme”. The hypnosis will aid the weight loss but you also have to start some kind of diet and exercise routine. I will say one thing and that is, Danny could read me like a book and that in itself made me feel confident to work with him. As I left his office I was given some information sheets on how it would work and some hints and tips when using the Hypnoband weight loss system.

Session 1

As I entered the room for my 1-hour session, I sat down and Danny started by asking me to fill in a questionnaire about what I feel when I want to eat and the emotions that are attached to it. He went on to explain the moment, ‘To eat cake or not to eat cake’. I think we all have been in this situation, you sit down after a busy stressful morning, you reward yourself to coffee and then you see the counter will all the goodies, biscuits, cakes all crying out to be eaten. There lies the question do you eat the cake or not? Danny explained how the Hypnoband weight loss programme would enable you to not even ask yourself that question, as your unconscious mind would already know you don’t really need it. I felt excited at the prospect so we began the first of our four hypnosis sessions.

We sat down in the chairs, (I might add I had a very comfortable one that reclined and could even put my feet up!) I popped the headphones on and we began. We went though a twenty-minute hypnosis session. I have to admit I have never had any kind of hypnosis and didn’t know what to expect. All I can say is that I felt relaxed and could visualise everything Danny said – from my tummy shrinking, to seeing myself as a slim me in the mirror. In conclusion I feel that the session went very well. As I left his office I was given a CD to listen until our next session at the same time next week.

As I had one of those rare moments to myself I decided to have coffee on my own and reflect on the last hour and how this was the beginning of my weight loss. As I am sure you will know what I am about to say, I did have that skinny cappuccino but there was no cake in sight! Roll on next week to the next part of my journey.

Week 1 Update

At the end of week one I have lost a total of 5lbs! It sounds strange but I haven’t even been on a strict diet. I have to admit I haven’t even had my usual urges for chocolate, biscuits or even crisps. It has been really easy to say no when I have been offered the seasonal mince pie or alcoholic drink. I am quite amazed that the Hypnoband method has been so effective, after one session with Danny. I feel energised and have a very positive outlook generally. I have listened to the CD that Danny gave me after our first session. I have to admit his voice is constantly in my head (it’s not so bad, it feels very familiar). I have been listening to the CD in the evenings before going to bed.  As you can imagine, we all have busy lives it can be difficult to sit and listen in complete silence for 20 minutes. Danny did say I could listen to it anytime of the day as long its not whilst driving. It really does fit into your life.

Session 2

As I entered Danny office I was greeted as usual but I did feel slightly different. I observed that I felt very comfortable and even looking forward to this session. I wanted to continue on the Hypnoband programme. This process has made me feel happier, more energised and positive that I have felt in a long time. It is not just about the initial weight loss but I feel in control of my life. I feel there have been additional benefits to the Hypnoband programme that are worth far more than just losing weight.

This session of the Hypnoband programme is where I would meet my anaesthetist. This could be anyone. A famous person, a friend or just someone that I trusted.  I choose two Doctors that I know. This made it very easy for me to visualise the scene in my head. Danny proceeded to explain the process of the gastric band and how the procedure would work. I felt relaxed and at ease, the twenty-minute hypnosis went by in a flash.

I left with another CD of the hypnosis session to listen to in-between our next session. I was also given an exercise for the coming week. It is simply how we talk to ourselves, or self talk. In simple terms trying to talk to myself how a loved one would talk to me. I am sure you can imagine this could be quite tricky.

Although my weight loss for the first week was very good Danny did mention that a slow and steady loss usually happens, maybe 1 to 2 lbs a week. But I really don’t mind the slower it comes off the more likely it won’t be put on again. One of the main feelings I have is that the Hypnoband method is working in lots of different ways.  I feel comfortable that as Christmas approaches I will feel in control and enjoy the festivities without the weight gain.

Now this session I was looking forward to. I was actually going to have the operation. Doesn’t that sound bizarre? I was greeted as I entered and had a brief chat about how I was getting on. I think Danny has a great approach, one that is both positive and warm at the same time. He is a direct person and I really feel that the honesty helps which could appeal to others as a little blunt but let us remember he is not my therapist but my Hypnotherapist that is here to help me.

And so we get to work I sit I slowly close my eyes, relax and soon I am in the theatre. I can hear everything around me in an operating theatre. It doesn’t feel alien or remotely scary. The band is fitted and then I come round, the strange thing is that I genuinely feel tightness in my tummy. Strange but true, it is amazing how the mind can respond to suggestion. I awoke feeling relaxed and as if I have had a band fitted. I mean I am not uncomfortable at all like I would have done if I have had a real thing. Lets face it; it would have been more invasive and a lot more expensive. Oh and the other thing after my twenty minutes in the chair I can easily jump up out of the chair and get on with my day. I don’t think the actual operation would be like that.

As I leave Danny’s office I am aware that I won’t be seeing him now for a couple of weeks. The reason is because the process needs time to take effect and before we have our final session I need to see how it is working for me. I have every confidence it will be fine.

Week 4

As I entered Danny’s office I felt quite sad, as this would be the final time that we would meet I his office. After 5 weeks of the Hypnoband programme I am 7lb lighter, I have started a new exercise regime with a personal trainer (something I didn’t feel remotely like doing a few weeks ago). Generally I feel more positive and happier than I have felt in a long time. I don’t have the answers to so many of those life changing questions such as, what will I do for my career change, will my daughters get into the school of our choice, I could go on but I think you get the idea. I now feel I have the tools to get me through anything.

And so to the final Hypnoband session. We sat in our usual comfortable seats, me with the reclining chair and headphones and Danny sitting close by. This session was about how I would be able to achieve my goals, continue on the weight loss, and also be in control of my life again and to make the right decisions for me as an individual. I would have a protective shield that would protect me from all the negative feelings, people and events that may happen in the future.

I have to admit it may sound strange but I genuinely feel weeks after this session I do feel better than I thought I could have ever imagined. Now I think that is worth it’s weight in gold don’t you?