Session Fees

  • Initial Consultation – FREE

If you really would like to make some changes in your life, then just pick up the phone, and call Danny NOW…on 01225 580557 or 07415 401709

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy (Suggestion therapy) £70

Suggestion therapy is what most people (including references in the press and on television) are referring to when they talk of ‘hypnotherapy’.

  • Blowaway Technique for children – £75

“The Blowaway” technique is a very gentle and unobtrusive means of helping children deal with inner anxieties that can alter their development forever, and that they don’t have to suffer

  • Stop Smoking Session – £195

Stop smoking easily at Danny Nuttall’s Bath Hypnotherapy clinic using hypnosis in Bristol and Bath- Quit those cigs in just 1 hour

  • ‘Pure’ Hypnoanalysis – £70

Pure Hypnoanalysis is the single most effective form of therapy available in the world today, for the resolution of anxiety, depression, phobias, fears, eating disorders and other psychological and emotional problems/symptoms

  • Thrive cognitive waking hypno course (includes Thrive workbook) – £75

A six session training program that will help you to recognise limiting or damaging belief systems and change them for good. In fact some simpler problems may require less than six sessions

  • Forensic Hypnosis – £70

‘Forensic and Investigative Hypnosis’ is a specialised group of techniques, used the world over, to to enhance the memory-recall of the victims and witnesses of crime and trauma

  • HypnoBand – £450

The Hypno-Band is a combination of suggestion, visualisation , cognitive behavioural therapy techniques, and large doses of common sense (4 sessions and induction)

Payment Methods

I can accept cash or debit and credit card payments at the practice

Evening (after 6:00pm) and weekend appointments by special arrangement. Surcharge of £10 will be applied. Please note there is an additional £5 surcharge of you pay by debit / credit card.

Ring to arrange free IC at my location easiest for you.