About Danny

Danny Nuttall is a professional and fully qualified full time hypnotherapist in Bristol, Bath and Salisbury, Danny Nuttall sees clients from all walks of life consulting for all manner of problems, symptoms, issues and anxieties. From nail biting to eating disorders, from Depression to Social Anxiety, from fear of flying to gambling addiction, hypnotherapy can be a very fast effective and gentle treatment which Danny recognized when he undertook his hypnotherapy training many years ago. In 2005 he set up his hypnotherapy practice and in 2007 moved to premises in Bath,Bristol, and now Salisbury, running a successful practice ever since with clients traveling from the West Country and even as far as Wales and Dorset and other areas of the UK.

He specializes in the treatment of fears and phobias and in particular Social Anxiety and its associated symptoms such as lack of confidence and low self esteem.

As a trained Stop Smoking Specialist he prides himself on an excellent success rate helping smokers to quit using a combination of hypnosis, hypnotherapy and other psychological techniques including suggestion and positive thinking.

On your visit you will find Danny to be a confident, approachable and non-judgmental therapist who is easy to talk to, eager to listen and even more eager to help.

Hypnotherapy sessions are conducted in a professional practice in a very quiet, comfortable and confidential atmosphere.

Professional Hypnotherapy Association

Danny is a full member of the International Association of Pure HypnoAnalysts (IAPH), an organization dedicated to the professional and ethical use of hypnosis for the treatment of stress and nervous disorders.

The IAPH has been established for over twenty years since 1984 when it was then known as the International Association of Hypnoanalysts (IAH).

The IAPH is the largest body of analytical hypnotherapists in the world.

Therapists in the IAPH are bound by a very strict code of practice and ethics and abide by the rules of the association to ensure good practice. IAPH hypnotherapists are well trained, and receive expert supervision.

Professional Skills

Danny continues to develop his professional skills (as do all IAPH Members) by:

  • Regularly attending advanced training seminars and workshops
  • Undergoing regular Supervision – both professionally and personally
  • Going through my own Personal Therapy (training therapy)
  • Taking active part in the IAPH Members online support forum
  • Undertaking research into hypnosis, psychology and ‘human nature’
  • Seminars and Training
  • Hypnoanalysis Diploma
  • Blowaway technique for children
  • Understanding and treating sexual abuse
  • Free Association seminar
  • Medical hypnotherapy and Pain relief with hypnosis
  • Motivating and assessing clients
  • Changing limiting Beliefs (Rob Kelly 2008)
  • Stop Smoking Easily course (Rob Kelly)
  • Andrew Newton on suggestion and application
  • Sports motivation and hypnosis