Hypnosis for Penis Enlargement


Men may desire a larger penis for several reasons including wanting to look more masculine, to feel, bigger, and to provide more pleasure to their partner. A larger penis can be achieved through twenty relaxing minutes of hypnosis a day.

How it works

The cells in the human body constantly reproduce. Cells redevelop in a correct way because they have a memory. Every singlepart of the body is coded to reproduce exactly how it was before it was damaged in case it needs to reproduce. This reproduction code is saved in a person’s subconscious mind.

You can alter the code by going into a quiet meditative state. Meditation can focus and direct new information into the subconscious. In relaxation, the subconscious will open and be more receptive to new information. Men need to visualize their manhood with the size and girth wanted and they can achieve true penis enlargement. They may not see clear images at first. It may just be felt and can be applied to all areas of life.

Man Meditating

Over time these meditation sessions, what the man will visualize will begin to implant itself in his cells. Those cells will start to be coded differently and begin to reproduce in the new image. It will definitely take time for changes to occur. Normally it will take one month for a man to begin to see changes in his size. He will need to use at least one of The four twenty to twenty-five-minute programs at least once a day for six to twelve weeks. The amount of time depends on how much change is desired for your erection.

During the hypnosis, the pituitary gland will be instructed to let the necessary growth hormones directly to cause growth in the erection. When a boy goes through puberty a bunch of these hormones is let go which causes your penis to grow. This growth hormone is still present and can be stimulated during hypnosis.

The human brain is very strong and is able to achieve things beyond what is now understood. Unbelievable things have been accomplished with the strength of the mind. Patients diagnosed with cancer can be healed by imagining their good cells destroying their bad ones. If This is possible, then causing cells to form in a way a man wants is also possible.

You control the body because the brain and body are connected.

You must, however, believe that hypnosis will work. If a man listens to a program and thinks that it is not going to work, then it is not going to work.

The end result is that whatever he thinks about. Imagining the erection growing and using positive wording and visuals that guide a listener through a program will help. Having an open and willing attitude for a program to work will also help. If a man doesn’t believe the program will work then it probably won’t.


Will hypnosis really work to enlarge my penis?

It is a proven fact that all cells in a body reproduce. Coding for those cells and a memory of what they should do is held within a cell. The information for coding is held in the subconscious.

Penis SizeYou can alter that information by meditating and focusing on the new version of how the erection should look. By relaxing the mind it will open and receive new information. You must also visualize how You want your penis to look in regards to length and girth. It will take at least a month to begin to see a change. Listening to one of four twenty to twenty-five-minute programs at least once a day for six to twelve weeks.

During a session, your pituitary gland is also instructed to let the growth hormones go directly to cause growth in your penis. This is The same growth hormone released during puberty. It can be forced to do the same while a man is hypnotized.

How long does it take?

The time differs from man to man. Some men have experienced larger erections in just three weeks. Many men take longer so it is suggested that a manlistens for ninety days for best results. The results will come but your body takes a while to create new cells, and change hormonal release patterns that trigger and maintain an erection.

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

Smoking addiction can be very hectic to overcome when it is at the highest level. Many people try to stop smoking in vain but is the best decision you can make to lead a healthy life. Over the years smoking has been the leading cause of deadly diseases such as cancer. Smoking also exposes you to high risk of suffering from other chronic diseases like stroke, heart attack, lung diseases among many other health issues that include body fractures. There different approaches that may help you to stop smoking either medical or home remedies. Hypnosis has been beneficial for many years in assisting smoking addicts to recover and adapt new life without easily.

What is hypnosis?

The hypnosis is a psychological approach that helps to alter the state of brain awareness to voluntary actions. Once you undergo the process, your brain will reduce concentrating on the optional activities such as smoking and instead you will be thinking of what your doctor told you about smoking. Clinical hypnosis has been in use to help psychological and physical patients with various health problems like sleep disorders and addictions.


How does hypnosis work for smokers?

The hypnosis works by enabling the patient brain to adopt a new thinking and imagination which helps to curb the smoking habit. For instance, the hypnotherapist may tell you always to imagine cigarettes smoke smell like a truck exhauster. The advice will make the smoking disgusting to the patient and every time you wish to smoke you will remember what the doctor’s advice. Hypnosis uses the Spiegel’s method that mainly puts its focus on:

  • How smoking poisons your body
  • The importance of protecting and respecting your body.
  • For you to live you need a healthy body.

Smoking is mostly a brain-controlled problem and once you train your brain to stop thinking of it becomes easy to stop smoking. Hypnosis sometimes fails to work to some people, but in most cases, the process has been very efficient.


The smoking addicts who use hypnosis enjoy a lot of benefits which are as follows;

  • Stop SmokingHypnosis helps in deep body nerves relaxation thus decreasing blood pressure and slows heart rate hence increasing the rate of healing.
  • The process of hypnosis enhances self-control, and you get to realize how powerful your decisions are in your life.
  • Hypnotherapy is a natural treatment remedy that you will have zero side effects. You will empower your body functioning without adding any toxins that may be harmful.
  • The hypnosis is an affordable way of curbing smoking as you will only need a qualified hypnotherapist and the rest just to follow instructions no more costs.


The hypnosis works well, but it has some downsides which include;

  • The process requires a lot of commitment and willingness for it to work for you. The hypnotherapist will only provide you with guidelines the rest will be up to you to be responsible which can be a challenge to many.
  • The hypnosis may take time before you recover entirely, there is no supplement to use thus your body system will have to adopt the new lifestyle which may take a while. If you are not that patient and persevere to the guideline, the process may fail to work for you.